Our Projects

     Current Data Goal: 
     The Stereotypical Student Achievement Study

Adolescents Know Your Rights of Denver Colorado are seeking youth 6-12 grade to participate in a research study, involving classroom and questionnaire participation. The research study will be aimed at learning more about the school to prison pipeline, and the relevance of commonly associated attributes. AKYR is in the developmental stages of building the Stereotypical Student Achievement Study, and we are seeking preliminary volunteer subjects to benefit from the program curriculums.  This study has three goals: GOAL 1; This study test the validity of common stereotypes presented in college (psychology, sociology, and human development) textbooks concerning race and SES in America. We hope to learn more about the accuracy of these textbook claims. GOAL 2; Identify what stereotypical attributes are associated with delinquent and non-delinquent students. GOAL 3; Measure the environmental effects on student achievement. This study is important as information presented as truth within the classroom, can shape the perspectives and views of the individual receiving the messages. In addition it is a goal of this project to target populations generally underrepresented but greatly speculated about as, accuracy in reporting of the needs, desires and realities of some communities is necessary.
Students may participate in the study using two methods. 1. Volunteer participant by completing the survey monkey located below this description or 2. By enrolling in an AKYR.org 2,5,or 10 week activity. All activities are self-exploration based and incorporate one or more writing, research,  and literacy actions. Activity participation is generally 2 hours per day; a snack, and required questionnaire are included.
Participants will earn kick point that are redeemable at the end of the program. Siblings within acceptable age and grade range will be allowed to enroll with his or her sibling. There are minimum dress, behavior, and attendance requirements for redeeming any kick points earned.
Please contact [email protected] if you would like additional information.