Youth Speak Your Mind Oratory Contest

Winter 2019

AKYR Youth Speak Your Mind Oratory Contest

Is your destiny choice or chance ?
Presented by Adolescents Know Your Rights Friday 2/1/2019 5:30-7:30 pm
$100 Gift Card Grand Prize
If you are a 6-12th grade student you are welcome to enter by submitting your entry draft using the link at the bottom of this page. Upon submitting your application you will be provided with complete rules via email. 

All entries must have submit a complete application, no later than 5pm Tuesday January 1, 2019.
AKYR Annual Oratory Contest Purpose, Instructions, and Rules
Adolescents Know Your Rights (AKYR) will challenge youth to explore life concepts, and clearly articulate an informative, persuasive, or entertaining response to the current selection. This contest will provide the youth an opportunity to find their voice, and be heard.
The Current Topic:
     Is your destiny choice or chance ?


In 500 words or less tell us, "Is Your destiny choice or chance?" (you my prewrite your submission a paste it hear using Ctrl V)
School and Grade
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